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When you join, you will enjoy the following:

Be the first to know: New artwork added to our Catalog right in your email, as well as tips and tricks on Coloritsy’s use and applications.
Faster Shipping & Priority Processing: Coloritsy’s Club members will automatically be upgraded to faster processing & shipping to start coloring sooner.
FREE SAMPLE: Coloritsiers will receive one Coloritsy for free when they complete the sign up to our Club.
FREE PRODUCTS: Coloritsiers who completed their first Coloritsy project and share it in Social Media (use tag @coloritsy, #coloritsy) will receive a free product. (samples are not considered projects)
Automatic Discounts on all purchases: Receive an extra 5% off our entire store catalog to be applied towards any purchase you make. In order to receive the automatic discount you will need to login with the same email you join the Club. The prices will automatically adjust when you login.