What is Coloritsy?

Coloritsy is an innovative way to display your coloring artwork almost instantly, a new way to achieve creative fulfillment. Coloritsy opens the door for you to flex your creative muscles without a ton of planning, supplies, or skill. 

Use MARKERS or WATERCOLOR Brushes to make Coloritsy come alive. Display your Coloritsy on your wall without the need of frames, tape or push pins. Peel and Stick on your wall, it is that easy!

1) Color, Peel and Stick. (This is best for smaller Coloritsy when you can color it while sitting on a table, and later on stick it on your wall)
2) Peel, Stick and Color. (More suitable for Coloritsy Size Large, or Coloritsy Wallpaper, also we have observed younger artists highly enjoy coloring on then wall in stead of sitting at a table)

Coloritsy are made in Self-Adhesive Fabric (Polyester fabric matte 100% opaque, 80% blocking light) Can be colored with either markers or watercolors and can be repositioned (move from wall to wall) numerous times.

Coloritsy is for all ages. However, individuals of different ages and lifestyles have different interests and likes, and for that reason we offer a wide variety of illustrations, categorized by theme and age/difficulty.

Coloritsy is developed, designed, handcrafted and shipped from our main office in Indiana, USA.