Our Story

My son Logan is an avid coloring connoisseur. He colors every day and he is constantly searching for black and white drawings for coloring on search engines. He is only 6 years old and his favorite color is, well, as he will tell you: "ALL OF THEM!".

At some point, I realized my entire living room, kitchen, home office, his bedroom and even his bathroom were wallpapered with beautiful coloring art. He used push pins, scotch tape, stickers and anything that he would find around the house to affix his coloring papers to the walls. You guessed it, my walls were ruined, full of holes everywhere, paint ripped off from using tape, and the coloring papers teared and thrown out. Logan kept adding to his collection every day, regardless.

Then I accepted the fact he loves displaying his art as much as he loves coloring. He likes seeing his coloring pieces every day, and he is proud of showing them for all to admire (sounds familiar?).

Instead of deterring him from coloring or displaying his art, this mom had to find a solution that not only will allow Logan to continue his artistic path, but evolve it, improve it. (and save my sanity while we are at it)

This is how Coloritsy was born in November of 2021. Coloritsy is made with a very cool material that is safe for kids and for the walls, it can be moved from wall to wall without loosing stickiness, it can be painted on with markers, watercolors, and other artist paints, and it can be made as big or small as you want. It's perfect for children but also for teenagers and adults. 

I did research into Coloring for adults, as well as benefits and uses for children. I was amazed of how important the uses of Coloritsy can be applied to mental health or just plain fun.

My biggest challenge now is to bring the best designs based on topics of interest into black and white graphics that can be turned into Coloritsy Spot Graphics or Coloritsy Wallpaper for an entire wall of coloring.

If you have anything specific in mind, tell me! Fill out this form to request a specific design/graphic.